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The safe use of PVC valves

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PVC Valves is mainly used in costumes allowed leakage of certain volatile chemical substances, atmospheric pressure and low pressure in the tank, which is fixed at the top of the storage tank, as the ventilation means, to ensure that the pressure in the tank is in the normal state, to prevent the tank to produce positive and negative pressure of the tank suffered damage, pvc valves can also reduce the volatilization loss of the tank liquid.

Installation and maintenance

1. The
pvc valve installed at the highest point of the storage tanks, in order to reduce the the material evaporation loss and maintain the balance of the tank inside and outside air pressure. The generally vertical tank, fire retardant breathing Valves installed in the the tank roof central range; need to set the top of the tank insulation layer of the storage tank, fire retardant breathing Valves can be installed in the vicinity of the ladder platform.

2. PVC Valves factory flange sealing surface with protective plastic cover, so as not to cause damage to the flange sealing surface transit, goods to on-site installation, be sure to take the flange protective cover removing, and then vertically installed in the tank The top of the tank. Fire retardant breathing Valves can not be placed horizontally and upside down, if the tank needs to be installed at the top of the two fire retardant breathing
pvc check valves, fire retardant breathing Valves and tank top center should be symmetrical installation.

3. Breathing Valves installed in the tank on the general use of 1-3 months, need to be checked regularly breathing Valves positive and negative pressure Valves disc is flexible, breathing Valves normal working hours, will be issued hiss - hiss - hiss "Pressure Relief the sound of the exhaust, or breathing Valves at the top of the Valves cover to open, check breathing Valves, the Valves disc is "chuck" phenomenon. The guide rod dirt, if timely clean up the dirt, to ensure that the guide rod to run freely. Seat sealing surface for wear, if worn must be replaced immediately to ensure the normal safe operation of the breathing Valves.

4. The PVC Valves the positive pressure Valves disc is in accordance with the lifting of the tank pressure and changing the vertical motion. Fire retardant breathing Valves after three years, generally need to replace the fire retardant breathing Valves inside the Valves plate, the guide rod and the sealing surface of the Valves seat in order to guarantee the normal work of the fire retardant breathing Valves to maintain the safe operation of the tank.

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