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How To Fix A Leaking PVC Pipe

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Polyvinyl chloride pipes or pvc pipe at it is commonly referred to, is utilized with a lot of of the appliances we use in our every day lives. Have a glimpse at a number of your plumbing pipes, your irrigation systems or perhaps your sewer lines and you may quickly observe how many different applications there are for PVC pipes.

PVC pipes are quite popular to use as they are quite tough, readily obtainable and won't necessarily cost you an arm and a leg to implement. However, everything that are made use of in the plumbing or commercial markets are subjected to a lot of deterioration, hammering and maybe excessive temperature changes which will of course lead to destruction of the pipes. Damaged pipes will ultimately start to drip and if left untreated for some time you will soon have quite a serious issue on your hands!

You do not always have to phone a local plumber just to come fix your leaking PVC pipe - with a bit of do-it-yourself knowledge, a rag, wrench, hacksaw, tape measure, emery cloth, PVC pipe couplings, PVC pipe and sealant it's easy to take care of the little problem.

Step 1 (and this is pretty obvious) is to find out exactly where the pipe is leaking. Make certain you find the exact spot and then dry the pipe thoroughly with a clean rag. Now, before you start acting like you've done this all before, first get your crescent wrench from the garage and shut of your house's
pvc valve.

You can now take your hacksaw and typical king of the jungle style slice the damaged PVC pipe off with your hacksaw. Don't cut too near to the broken section, rather leave a bit of space on both sides, just to be sure that any damaged pieces are definitely taken out. Still with your hacksaw in hand you can cut a new pipe long enough to replace the part of PVC pipe you have just removed.

Remember that emery cloth I told you to get earlier? Utilize this now to roughen up the ends of both the new and existing pipes plus the inside edges of your pipe couplings a bit. The existing pipes can now receive a layer of pipe sealant (around the outer edges) and the pipe couplings can get a layer around the insides.

Now purely slide the couplings over the existing pipe on both sides. Make sure that the pipe only goes halfway through the coupling so that you can insert the ends of the new pipes in the remaining part of the couplings. Remember to apply pipe sealant to the new
pvc pipe before you do this.

Now comes the hurry-up-and-wait part. Please do not try to immediately switch your main water valve back on and reward yourself with a hot batch without delay - you need to allow at least 60 minutes for the sealer to dry.


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