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Some Common Types of PVC Valve and Their Uses

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In industrial projects, there is hardly a more important component than the valve. The pvc valves can come in many shapes and sizes and are used in most every industry in ever sector. A PVC valve is a device that regulates the flow of liquids, gases and fluids through passages. Valves are commonly used in power generation, the petrochemical industry, paper and pulp, mining and minerals and refining.

Below are a few common types of PVC valves and their uses:

PVC Ball valve: A
pvc ball valve has a spherical disc within the component that controls the flow through the valve. In a PVC ball valve, the inner disc, or ball, contains a hole. When the hole is lined up parallel with the valve ends, the ball valve is open and fluids can flow through the valve. When the hole is perpendicular to the valve ends, the ball valve is closed and the flow is stopped. Ball valves are common to many heavy-duty projects because they are extremely durable. Ball valves are also known for their excellent sealing capabilities. Ball valves boast near-perfect shut-off which makes them perfect for applications that require the complete shut-off of flow through valves. Another great feature of the ball valve is that it is easily repaired.

Trunion PVC ball valve: A trunion ball valve controls the flow of liquids, gases and fluids through passageways and pipes. A trunion ball valve is differentiated from other ball valves by additional anchoring. In a trunion ball valve, the inner ball has additional anchoring at the top and bottom.

PVC Check valve: The
pvc check valves allow flow in only one direction. Check valves have two openings; one opening to allow fluids to enter and one opening for fluids to exit. Check valves are common to most household items and in these cases, are generally small and relatively inexpensive. The human heart valve is actually a check valve.

PVC Ball check valve: In a ball check valve, the apparatus that closes the valve is a ball. Some ball check valves are spring loaded to stop flow through the valve. In valves that are not spring loaded, reverse flow is required to make sure that the valve is closed. Ball check valves are of a conical shape in order to guide the ball to the seat of the valve and insure that it is sealed.

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